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Computer Vision Syndrome

Despite the many benefits of computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices, there are also drawbacks. Excessive computer use can put a tremendous strain on your eyes. Over time, you may start to experience the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. This can include blurry vision, headaches and eye fatigue. A visit to our Virginia, MN, optometrist at Advanced Optical can help determine if you have this condition. 


Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, also called digital eye strain, is a product of prolonged computer use or extensive use of digital devices. If your work requires hours and hours of computer use, you’re at risk of developing this condition. Chances are you’re already experiencing some of the symptoms of computer vision in the form of:

    • Eye strain, pain or fatigue
    • Blurry vision
    • Dry eye
    • Red, itchy or watery eyes
    • Headaches

These symptoms are generally temporary and will subside by taking time away from your computer or digital device. On the job, however, these symptoms can disrupt your productivity, making it difficult to meet deadlines or produce quality work. These symptoms can also be aggravated by an undetected vision problem and could even make your problem worse.

Causes of Computer Vision

Your eyes work harder to read from a computer or digital device than they do when reading from printed text. That’s why excessive computer use can strain your eyes. Some factors that can contribute to computer vision symptoms are poor posture, poor lighting, glare from your computer screen, uncorrected visual problems, and infrequent blinking due to staring at your computer screen for an extended amount of time. The distance and angle of your computer screen can also cause a strain on your eyes.

Computer Vision Treatment

If time spent on the computer is voluntary, cutting back on computer use will relieve CVS symptoms and protect your eyes. If your job requires excessive computer work, we recommend the following:

    • Investing in a pair of computer glasses to relieve eye strain on the job. Computer glasses can reduce exposure to blue light.
    • Improving your lighting.
    • Adjusting the angle or distance of your computer screen to reduce glare and make it easier for your eyes.
    • Taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes. If you can’t get up and walk around, simply look away from your computer screen off and on throughout the day to give your eyes a break.

Get Help with Blurry Vision and Eye Strain from Computer Vision Syndrome

Having trouble with your eyes? Call us at Advanced Optical in Virginia, MN, at (218) 741-3000 to schedule a checkup for diagnosis of your condition. Our optometrist on our optometry team is here to meet your eye-care needs.

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